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How much clearer I see myself
Than through the lens of seeing myself through you
(Reflective piece)

You place emphasis on your health
And I can’t help but do the same
And should run more and play more
(Motivation piece)

I see a future version of me that is made up of all the qualities I admire about you
(Inspiration piece)

You have helped me learn that it is what it is and being a dick is never cool
(Teaching piece)

I can be more myself than I have been for a while with anyone, your touch is so natural
(Authenticity piece)

When we hang out it never seems like enough time, it flies when you’re having fun
(Relativity piece)

I want you to see the best me and I seem to want to learn and try new things
(Growth piece)

I feel a deep esteem that extends into my soul which stems from being truly and authentically seen
(Peace piece)

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