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shared on Apr 15, 2020

The Sorting Hat

If you're a Harry Potter fan you may want to take the Sorting hat quiz. The test sorts you into Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. I took the test and got >>> Hufflepuff. I wanted to be a Ravenclaw and took the test again, but alas still a Hufflepuff. Maybe being kind is better than being smart?

shared on Apr 28, 2020

Tumi bags

My friend used a Tumi tote the last time I was travelling in Spain and Italy. A great feature of these bags is that they have a pocket which stabilises your tote against the handles of your suitcase. (Making wheeling suitcases over cobblestones roads less annoying), also a variety of pockets in the tote you never knew you needed. Worth checking out if you're a frequent flyer.

shared on Apr 15, 2020

Medela Breast Pump

My sister is having a Baby!! She wanted a breast pump for her baby shower gift! 2 hours of internet searching and 4 youtube videos later, I found this breast pump had the best reviews. Simplified small parts, double breast pump capability and has an App to help with measuring breast milk production. Will definitely update snippet when I get her personal product review!!

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